Tuesday, February 15, 2011

5 months

I made it 5 months relactating, and i decided to stop, my supply slowly started going away after we started nursing. and then running out of Domperidone didnt help either. so all in all im glad i relactated and im also glad im finished. i gave my baby the best she could have and it really helped her and me.

I have no regrets now. 

i hope other woman get inspiration from this blog and you know it can be done.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

3 Months today

Dec 14th 2010

So i was checking out my ticker on the bump, i noticed that it says 3 months. 
we have come so far. we are hitting a little roadblock though. i have totally almost run out of domperidone and cuz of christmas havent been able to restock, im trying to pump everything i can but its WAYYYYY down from even last week so hopefully i can get it back up, i would hate to work this hard and have it go away AGAIN.

hopefully i can make it through the next couple weeks or ill be starting from square one, but thankfully i know i can do it now right.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Already

2 Months 3 Weeks and 3 Days of Re-lactating

Hi ladies, 

sorry i havent updated in a while, things are going alright, im starting to pick up on my own, im getting about 2-3 full bottles aday for Samantha, which is about half of what she takes in. im slowly weaning myself off the domperidone so im only taking about 1 dose a day now, only because we cant order anymore right now (maybe after the hoildays if i crash again) but so far so good. 
im not up to where i was before i started nursing Samantha a month ago but we are getting there slowly. 

my new hate is my pump i hate pumping ALL THE TIME. however because nursing wasnt working out for us (HUGE supply decrease with the week i did nurse her) however i will tie myself to this pump if it means my baby is getting some good mommas milk.

i am noticing that Samantha is getting more distracted now that shes 6months old, barely finishes a bottle cuz she would rather roll or play. she is teething so that doesnt help either. she did learn how to hold her bottle just before thanksgiving, and hardly lets you help her now. shes so BIG.

i hope to keep you ladies updated as much as possible with the pending holidays just around the corner.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Two Months and Counting

So we have hit the 2 month milestone, a few days ago 

things have started to slow down, with me being sick Samantha being sick and having no desire to pump. so i have to get back on the band wagon. 

Samantha was doing well with nursing however even though my supply is great she would nurse awesome for the morning and early afternoon, then we wouldnt nap and no nap leads to cranky baby. so my husband and i decided that we would just pump, so i accepted that i will no be nursing now longer but i know shes still getting the benefits of breastmilk. who knows in a week ill change my mind lmao. i do however try to keep her latching cuz i like that closeness, just wish we had re-lactated sooner she might be nursing now. but its harder trying to teach her when she is so active now.

i had to dip into my freezer stash a little bit but thats okay cuz if i dont then all that hard pumping work is going to expire and well she wont get it and it will KILL me to put it all down the drain. so im going to keep pumping as much as i can, and latch her when i can and we will all be happy. 

** sorry we havent up dated in a while its been super busy here**

Friday, November 5, 2010

Nursing all the way

This week we have really be focusing on nursing. Samantha is doing very well, some moments where i feel my supply isnt there anymore, i just feel empty, but i know im probably being paranoid but after having to go through losing your milk to having it you hold on to any milk you got, even if its MORE then you need.

i have a nice sized freezer supply to get us through any rough days we may have while nursing, and i still try and pump just because i want to make sure i dont loose my supply. there was a tea that was recommended on the leaky b@@b site i found on facebook (The Leaky B@@B) this is a great group of woman who are proud of their shall i say super power.  im going to look into getting that as it seems to work :)

hopefully the weekend goes well and we can continue on a good path.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Re-Lactation Day 49

Day 49 (Nov 2 2010)
things are going very well. i stopped pumping as much because we are working on nursing more and more. 
Samantha and i went and seen the lactation consultant today and that visit went well, and Samantha took in lots of milk and had a great nap too. im so glad that she is nursing more. 

The LC told me to stop giving bottles all together because once Samantha latched on and started sucking she did well, just takes a bit of patience with her. seems like she will pitch a fit at the breast and we break down and give a bottle well seems like thats what little Miss Samantha wants us to do. so we have only had one bottle today and that was at 6am before our appointment. she has nursed everytime after that.

im very happy with my progress so far. who would know 49 days ago my daughter was just one formula not nursing not getting any breastmilk.

I am very thankful for my support group of re-lactating ladies on the Bump, and everyone else that encourages me to do more and better. and by far my very understand husband. i couldnt do it with out all the help and support. Thanks Guys.

The Number Crunch Week #4

4 weeks already, wow the time and flew by.
This week we had nursed more so our input numbers are a little different.

Total Breastmilk given:   64.5 ounces
Total Formula given:        40 ounces
Total pumped:               87 ounces
Total take in:             104 ounces (FMLA & BM)
Total Time Nursing         165 Minutes
so our formula intake is higher only because she gets one bottle at night before bed, and if she gets up in the middle of the night she will get one then as well. hopefully with nursing we can wean that out too.